Photographer: Tatiana A. Korshunova

Borealea nobilis (Verrill, 1880) [Coryphella]
Korshunova, T.; Martynov, A.; Bakken, T.; Evertsen, J.; Fletcher, K.; Mudianta, W.; Saito, H.; Lundin, K.; Schrödl, M.; Picton, B. (2017). Polyphyly of the traditional family Flabellinidae affects a major group of Nudibranchia: aeolidacean taxonomic reassessment with descriptions of several new families, genera, and species (Mollusca, Gastropoda).
ZooKeys. 717: 1-139., available online at

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Photo details:
size: 33 mm
depth: unrecorded
date: unrecorded
country: Russia
location: Cape Kartesh, White Sea
divesite: unrecorded
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Borealea nobilis
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Borealea nobilis