Photo & copyright by: Adam J. Bourke

Elysia bangtawaensis  Swennen, 1997
copied with kind permission of Dr. Richard C. Willan from:
Adam J. Bourke, Carmen Walker and Richard C. Willan (2016) First record of two mangrove leaf slugs,
Elysia leucolegnote and E. bangtawaensis (Sacoglossa: Plakobranchidae),
in mangrove forests in the Northern Territory
Northern Territory Naturalist (2016) 27: 97-101

Photo details:
size: unrecorded
depth: 0 m, mangrove forest
date: May 2015
country: Australia
location: Darwin Harbour,
Northern Territory
dive site: East Arm
thumbnail-selection of
Elysia bangtawaensis
  taxonomy of
Elysia bangtawaensis


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